Weaving has been in my family for as long as I can remember. Up to 6 weaving
generations have been recorded. The 1st and 2nd generations are represented
by my great great grandmother Asdzaa Tabaaha
and my great grandmother Denetsouie Bitsi. The 3rd generation is represented
by my maternal grandmother; Susie Tom (1903-1985) wove Two Grey Hills rugs
and my paternal grandmother Nellie Peshlakai Teller who was famous for her
Two-Faced Rugs. Grandmother Nellie wove Twill weaves, Saddle blankets and
did our first Teller’s Rug Catalog by weaving a sampler with all her designs and
color combination for my father who took orders from tourists visiting the
Trading Post. My mother,Ruth B. Teller (1928- ) and my maternal aunt Margaret
Yazzie (1930- ) represent the 4th generation.

Both are accomplished, highly noted Two Grey Hills Tapestry weavers whose
works appear in countless periodicals and sought after by collectors in the
United States and from other countries. The 5th generation of weavers includes
me and my sisters, Rosann Teller Lee (1945-1996) and Lynda Teller Pete
(1958- ). Rosann was considered one of the best Two Grey Hills Tapestry
weaver in the weaving world. She was innovative in her weaving process but
never compromised the weaving standards set by her elders. In 1987 we
collaborated on a one-of-a-kind Two Grey Hills tapestry that measured 5’ x 8’
10”, the largest Navajo Tapestry ever made of its time and perhaps, today. It
has been noted as the most expensive contemporary Navajo weaving ever sold.
It garnered BEST OF SHOW at
the 1987 Santa Fe (SWAIA) Indian Market, an honor never before achieved by
a textile or rug in the sixty-six year history of Indian Market. This tapestry
generated a lot of interest among collectors and inspired other weavers in my
family. I have since won the “Best of Show” at the Santa Fe Indian Market a
second time with a solo two year effort.

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